Gainz Workouts

The first step to enhancement begins now! Enjoy these workouts for the week!


Workout 1

  1. Warm-up:

Walk-outs 10 repetitions

Hip activation series: Can openers, leg swings, fire hydrants. 10 Repetitions 4 sets back to back

  1. Buy in:

Jump Rope  100 singles or 50 doubles( 50 Jumping Jacks if jump rope not available)


  1. Exercises:

Superset 1:

10 Body weight squats superset with 15 glute bridges 4 sets

Superset 2:

10 lunges per leg superset with 10 split squats per leg 4 sets

Superset 3:

10 burpees superset with hang clean


  1. Buy Out:

Jump rope 200 singles or 100 doubles( 75 Jacks if Jump rope not available)


Workout 2


  1. Warm-up: big shoulder swings front and back 10- 15 cycles

Little shoulder swings forward and reverse 10-15 cycles

Activation: Towel or band pull aparts 15 reps sideways vertica

Shoulder adduction and abduction 10 reps 2 sets


Buy in:

30 Burpees or 150 mountain climbers


  1. Exercises

Superset 1:

15-20 Push-ups superset with towel or resistance band tricep pull down 15 reps per arm 4 sets

Superset 2:

10 reps of Dumbbell Hang clean and press superset with 10 towel pull ups


Shoulder press superset with DB rows( if NA use a towel and squeeze scapula together and hold for 2 seconds.

Buy out:

40 burpees or 175 mountain climbers



Workout 3 Legs


Rolling out on foam roller or PVC pipe if available 10 rolls per area



4 sets 50 single jump ropes super set with 10 reps  kettlebell squats




Barbell Squats

4 working sets

8-12 reps


RDL’s ( 3 sec down )

4 working sets

12 reps


Hammer strength machine squat

4 working sets

8-12 reps


Superset leg extensions w/ hip thrust (1-2 second pause at peak)

4 sets

12-15 reps


Track your progress. Before and after pictures are great to show yourself the immense improvement that you have made to your body. Seeing is believing. We Love You.